Iowa Judges Association

Promoting Fairness & Confidence in Our Court System

We are an association made up of judges at all levels of the judicial branch in Iowa. It’s our mission to educate members on the current status of the law, assist the legislature and executive branch in matters pertaining to courts and administration, and promote goodwill and confidence in the courts.

2022 Iowa Judges Association Officers

Chuck Fagan(4th)
Past President

David Odekirk(1st)

Shayne Mayer(3rd)
Vice President

Jason Besler(6th)

Cheryl Traum(7th)

Gina Badding
Court of Appeals

Linda Fangman
1st District

Amy Moore
2nd District

Patrick Tott
3rd District

Amy Zacharias
4th District

Jeanie Vaudt
5th District

Kevin McKeever
6th District

Patrick McElyea
7th District

Wyatt Peterson
8th District

Bill Owen

Lucy Gamon

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Members of the Iowa Judges Association enjoy an opportunity to gather twice each year to share ideas and experiences that are helpful for carrying out the duties of a judge. In addition to the gatherings, members gain access to resources on the current status of the law, relevant news, information from lobbyists, and other helpful insights.

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Anyone who is already a member of the Iowa Judges Association can access members-only information, such as upcoming events, news, memorials, and more.

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